Save the Date: Nov. 23, 2021

Updated: Feb 11

The Franciscan Center announces today is still looking for approximately 1,600 turkeys to meet the expected need for its annual “Turkey Tuesday”, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving that its Food Pantry is open on November 23. Funding is still needed to purchase turkeys. Thanks to food drives and other donations, the organization can provide the remainder of the meal.

This year, to maintain safe distances the Franciscan Center will be shifting from a hand-to-hand distribution system to a vehicle drive-thru system. “We will still distribute turkeys to clients without a car or that live within walking range by maintaining proper social distancing as outlined by the Allen County Health Department,” notes Tony Ley, executive director, “but we think that moving the majority of our clients to this safer option will keep the focus on a healthy holiday season. We will miss having Melissa Montana from STAR 883 and the students from Lakewood Park Christian School in Auburn help us give out turkeys and provide hot chocolate to clients that have been waiting in line since before 6:00 a.m. on a cold, November morning, but we hope to resume our normal procedures in 2021.”

The Franciscan Center relies completely on donations from the community to make this annual event a reality and needs help filling its freezers. To make the most impact, the Franciscan Center asks for donations of “$14 for each client. We can work with our community partners and food wholesalers to cost-effectively provide turkeys,” adds Tony. Tony continues: “For me and my extended family, memories of Thanksgiving often focus on family and friends gathered around the dinner table, enjoying the wonderful feast prepared for them. With your support, you can help make this dream a reality for our clients. The Franciscan Center highlights one client’s joy of receiving a turkey in a video available at

How to donate $14/family:

  1. Online: visit

  2. Mail: 1015 E Maple Grove Ave, Fort Wayne, 46806; write “Turkey” on the memo line.

  3. Drop-Off: one of three locations:

  • The Franciscan Center’s main offices at 1015 E Maple Grove Avenue from 9a – 4p M-F and 8a – 11a on Saturday

  • The Franciscan Center Family Thrift North Store at 925 E Coliseum between Parnell and Clinton Streets from 9a – 8p M-F and 9a – 6p on Saturday

  • The Franciscan Center Family Thrift Southwest Store at 6145 W. Jefferson Blvd. in the Jefferson Crossing Shopping Center from 9a – 8p M-F and 9a – 6p on Saturday

For more information please contact Tony Ley at 260-710-3985.

The Franciscan Center was founded in 1989 and is a local non-profit serving the impoverished in our community through their food bank, medicine cabinet and sack lunch programs. They serve annually over 70,000 families through their three relief programs “meeting people where they are at”. The Center also operates two Franciscan Center Family Thrift Stores at 925 E Coliseum Blvd. and 6145 W. Jefferson Blvd. Please contact The

Franciscan Center at 260-744-3977 for more information or visit their website at 

For more information please contact the office at: 260 744-3977. 

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